Real Estate Data

The Real Estate Data page contains downloadable zipped text files containing property record details. This data is useful for property comparisons in regards to Transfer History, Land Characteristics, and Commercial & Residential Building Characteristics.

GIS Data

The GIS Data page contains downloadable, zipped shape files of our various GIS layers, including parcel, subdivsion, etc. This data contains boundaries for Parcels, Condominiums, Subdivisions, and footprints for use on GIS maps.

Map Viewers

The Map Viewers page contains tools to view GIS data. These tools enable to you to view data for subdivisions, condominiums, and basic property related information.

Map Gallery

The Map Gallery page contains downloadable, PDF format maps of various kinds to suite each users area of interest or need. These maps include Road Maps, School District Maps, City/County/State/National park maps, Waterway maps, Soil maps, etc

Data Requests

The Data Requests page contains GIS and real estate data files recently requested and available for download.

Budget Related

The Budget Related page contains documents and reports requested and available for download.

Emergency Responder Maps

The Emergency Responder Map page contains PDF maps of Union County and facilities that would be useful in preplanning and responding to incidents in the county. The maps will serve as a tool that will assist Fire, EMS and Law Enforcement in decision making when planning for and responding to life threating incidents.